Canneti Roadhouse in pictures

Interior preview of new Forestville roadhouse

Chef Francesco Torres of Canneti Roadhouse
Chef Francesco Torres of Canneti Roadhouse

After months of work, Canneti’s Roadhouse is in previews.

Chef Francesco Torre (formerly of Fish in Sausalito) has been transforming the cozy West County restaurant for nearly six months, rehabbing the kitchen, sandblasting walls, repainting, and adding tons of charm with rustic tables and chairs, rebar barstools, and a primo pasta-making machine from Italy. The menu’s still under wraps, but Torres promises some solid Tuscan-inspired eats.

The restaurant is taking a few restaurants per night, but according to Torre, he’s still training staff. “I just wish to make sure everything is perfect when I open for the big public,” he said.

We’ll have more details on the menu in the coming days.

6675 Front Street, Forestville.

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22 thoughts on “Canneti Roadhouse in pictures

  1. What to go there…but no website…no phone number listed in any article or on yelp or trip adviser that I can find online. They may have fabulous food, but clearly no idea how to run a business.

    1. Ciao Bridget,
      Canneti web-site will be up soon. As everything that is good, it takes time to create something of high quality. Canneti opened just one month ago. Also strange you did not find any contact for us. Let me guide you step by step:
      1-Go on Goolge and type in the with window Canneti. Canneti Forestville will show up in the banner.
      2-Click on it
      3-google will show you pages about Canneti.For example:
      - can also check the “filtered reviews..yelp..what a scam!)

      Just to give you few examples. I also have to express an opinion about how to do business: a real places relies on business that comes from the word and recommendations mouth to mouth , and not on advertising. Everything comes with time.
      Thank you very much for your comment.

    2. Francesco – yes those sites showed up but none of them list your phone number. Directory Assistance did not list your phone number. Other than driving to the restaurant…how do I communicate with you? Need to know if you have gluten free offerings?

      Best of luck to you!

      1. Ciao Bridget

        Pls accept my apologies for not responding sooner. Canneti is now on facebook and on the net with a new web site.
        You can see pics of what we cook on I am working on gluten free pastas, but the quality of the flour isn’t much. You will find a lot of gluten free options on Canneti’s menu.
        Canneti phone is 707-887 2232

        Thank you for contacting me, I hope to see you soon in Forestville.

    3. HI
      My husband and I tried Canneti’s for the first time last Friday night. What a treat! Absolutely wonderful experience. Francesco was friendly and seemed sincere in his discussions. Wait staff also friendly and provided good service. We loved the originality and subtlety of the dishes like the chick pea noodle dish and the cold turnip/celery root soup – tutto bene! wonderful ambiance – yeah! another wonderful restaurant to hit our little west county! We will be back! It has joined our top restaurants in the area – Bistro de Copain, Hana (Rohnert Park) & Lowells.

      1. Ciao Kathy.
        I am glad to hear you didn’t go home hungry! Just kidding of course. More than ever I am glad you felt like I was sincere, I like to define Canneti a very honest restaurant. I am honored to be on your list of best experiences, pls ask for me next time you go.


  2. We dined at Canneti a few weeks ago and had mixed emotions. The food was interesting, quite delicious but the portions were extremely small. A pasta dish was served in what I would regard as a medium sized ramekin was filled 3/4″ deep. Seriously? We had two starters, entree and dessert and went home hungry.
    We brought 2 bottles of wine and also ordered a $100 Brunello off the list. We were charged corkage for both bottles. Most restaurants will waive corkage 1/1 for each bottle purchased off the list. They were still in training mode so any comments about the waitress are not applicable. She was very nervous but attentive. We’ll give them a month or more to iron out the kinks. Hopefully next time I don’t go home hungry.
    We’ve been excited about this opening and have been in withdrawals ever since Mosaic closed. We want so bad to love it. Right now it’s just a like but that can easily be improved on.

  3. Sonoma guy pretty well hits the nail on the head. But come on people–the seats were just fine (even though one of our party has disabilities).

    As for the food, the pasta and deconstructed cannoli were particularly delicious.

    The servers missed a couple of smaller items but this is a soft opening so give them a chance to get it together.

    When the weather gets better, check out there patio–it is beautiful back there.

    I hope this place does well……we’ll be back soon.

  4. Had dinner this week there — menu needs some help. Very creative, some items poorly executed. While the interiors are a big improvement from Mosaic, the place has hard edges (uncomfortable seating, too tightly placed for servers to get around, and a high noise factor from the concrete floor and block walls. Great wine list and a staff that seems inexperienced, but very eager to please. Will go back in a couple weeks to see how they have progressed.

  5. Dear friends

    I follow your comments and I will take into consideration any feedback. Canneti is open to offer the best quality, comfort and great wines you won’t find anywhere else.
    Please come in and try, the chairs look Spartan but they are actually not!!!

  6. We went last night and it was fantastic! Delicious food that is beautifully presented, wonderfully attentive, friendly service and lovely surroundings. We can’t wait to go back!

  7. I have to agree…I am a big person and those chairs look just plain uncomfortable. When I go out to eat I want good food and some place that I can sit down, relax and enjoy the company of friends. These chairs look like they want you out of the place as soon as possible. I hope it isn’t so.

  8. We ate there last night!

    All I can say is you’re in for a serious treat.

    The food is made with great care and is altogether sublime.

    Wait staff is friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.

    Sat in normal chairs, tablecloth, great china, cutlery and wine glasses.

    Relax and enjoy!

  9. Can”t wait! Forestville is excited to have Canneti, and it looks amazing inside. I think the chairs are interesting looking and will gladly put my butt on them.

  10. I hope the food is kick ass because those chairs look UNCOMFORTABLE! Can’t wait to try it out though 😀

  11. Hey Heather, you might want to change the typo in this sentence: “The restaurant is taking a few restaurants per night,”. 😛 They fit entire RESTAURANTS inside their place? *gryn*

  12. This project is taking so long we’re starting to call it “Can’t be ready” instead of Canetti. Quit waiting for perfect and open the doors, man!

  13. I sure hope they have cushions on those chairs. Sure hope it is warmner and more inviting than those pictures,

  14. The wine looks great, I love the art work, the chef looks nice and those chairs look like the most uncomfortable thing I have seen in a restaurant in the last 5 years!!!

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