Buyer for Les Mars?

Hot news on Healdsburg's Les Mars Hotel

Bill Foley | PD Chris Chung
Bill Foley | PD Chris Chung

UPDATE: Douglas Keane, Chef and Co-Owner of Cyrus, Healdsburg’s two Michelin star restaurant, issued the following statement on the recent sale of Les Mars Hotel to winery owner Bill Foley.
“Cyrus has and continues to be a stand-alone restaurant, entirely independent of Les Mars Hotel. While the new ownership structure may be a positive change for the hotel, it will not affect our business, or the Cyrus experience, in any way.”
BiteClub’s got word that the Healdsburg’s Les Mars Hotel — best known for being home to Michelin two-starred Cyrus Restaurant — may have a buyer. The hotel has quietly been for sale for several months, and is listed by Paramount Lodgings as “available well below development cost.”
Insiders say billionaire Bill Foley is the wallet behind the sale — the insurance magnate who’s been snapping up Sonoma wineries left and right. He’s already purchased Chalk Hill, Sebastiani Vineyards and has told reporters he’s continuing to seek high-profile Wine Country properties. And players close to the sale claim “it’s a done deal.”
Cyrus has a long-term lease on the space, however, and it is unlikely that the sale would have any impact on the restaurant.