Bruno’s enters the food truck game

Local brick and mortar gets into the mobile game

Rick Bruno of Bruno’s on Fourth is the latest entrant into the local mobile food scene with Charlie Bruno’s Chuckwagon debuting in May.

The chef/owner of a popular Santa Rosa bistro said he’s been considering taking his comfort food on the road for more than a year, and will focus heavily on catering and events gigs, but also plans to have some lunchtime street vending. With a starting menu of things like mac and cheese, BLT’s, calamari, chop salads and fish and chips, the plan is to prep the food in the restaurant kitchen, then cook the dishes to order on-site.

Bruno’s wife, Lynn, who is helping coordinate the trailer, said the Chuckwagon will have its official debut at the restaurant’s annual Backyard Barbecue on May 22.



5 thoughts on “Bruno’s enters the food truck game

  1. Make your own conclusions off this but Bicentennial and Mendo at Wagon Wheel is a terrible location can only get in going northbound Mendo i swear there was a hooker loitering around behind wagon wheel which makes total sense. I can see how posting up next to Kaiser sounds like a good idea but man that corner is no bueno Also i will give it another try but the burger i ordered today was basicly raw in middle theres rare then theres raw and this burger was raw my 2 co-workers as well 1 took it back to have it recooked. I always give places 2 tries and i know this is new venture entering the food truck realm for Bruno’s whose restaraunt is probably my favorite in all of SoCo but theres some defonent and much needed room for improvement overall with this one

  2. Great news! His food is fantastic and will fit in great with other local food trucks. Hoping to see his truck around town soon!

  3. Was he not one of the one’s downtown who protested the Munch Mondays? And now he’s getting his own Food Truck? Ridiculous.

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