Bovine Bakery coming to Petaluma

Bovine Bakery expanding to Petaluma

Moo-licious Bovine Bakery of Point Reyes is expanding to Petaluma, come September.  According to owner Bridget Devlin, they’ll be moving into the a vacant space on Kentucky Street recently vacated by Purple Leaf catering. There’s not a ton of work to do since the spot already has a commercial kitchen and much of equipment they’ll need. “We always have people calling us from Petaluma wishing we were closer,” said Devlin.  The menu of morning munchies, pizza, muffins, breads and bear claws (among other things) will remain pretty true to their original location.


11 thoughts on “Bovine Bakery coming to Petaluma

  1. Will we be able to order online and have it shipped? We live in Illinois and have been to the Bovine several times in the past two years. It would be great to get those wonderful baked goods here, We loved the cow cookies and the dipped coconut macaroons….yummy.

  2. I can’t wait until they open, their puff pastry dough is the best I’ve ever had.
    Also, if you are going to Starbucks and Peets, you need to check out Petaluma Coffee and Tea Company. They have the best coffee in Sonoma County.

  3. Petaluma just became a much much cooler town. Tired of Starbucks’ and Peets’ ever expanding reach. Thanks Bovine!

  4. Love the Bakery in Point Reyes, the chocolate croissants are to die for. Can’t wait for a Petaluma location

  5. Yahhhhhhho00000!!!! No longer will
    we have to weave our way all the way
    to Pt. Reyes Station, dodging doofus
    dorky demented bikers (da peddlin’
    and da puttin’ types) to get a nice
    warm bear claw !!!!!
    BTW, thanks to the CHP (!) for
    trying to keep the idiotic drivers in
    check between Petaluma and Pt.
    Reyes Station. There, I feel better.

  6. Will they be bringing delicious Brickmaiden Breads with them over the hill?

  7. Bovine’s baked good are to die for. But their coffee is the strongest in the nation…

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