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Boon Eat + Drink

What the dime-sized boon lacks in diameter, it makes up for in taste -- both in its pared-down decor and simply done menu of spot-on eats.

fries.jpgNo matter what brings you to the resort hamlet of Guerneville, chances are you’re gonna be hungry afterward.
signpoloroid.jpgFollow the apre-swim, kayak, festival-going and cruising crowd to boon eat + drink (in the former burger & boy). New to the oft-shifting main street lineup, what the dime-sized boon lacks in diameter, it makes up for in taste — both in its pared-down decor and simply done menu of spot-on eats.
Lunch and dinner differ only in the addition of a scant handful of entrees (flat iron steak ($21), grilled halibut ($19), citrus herb chicken breast) and a meat and cheese course in the evening. Otherwise it’s both meals feature panini ($9) and salads ($7-$9) (panzanella, corn and cherry tomatoes in August) with produce from their own gardens, a beefy boon burger with garlic aioli and pickled onions ($9), and hard-to-choose-from sides. Don’t pass on the giant bowl of truffle fries ($6) with sundried tomato ketchup and garlic aoili. Consider sharing burrata with tomatoes, beet salad with goat cheese or  savory bread pudding.
trio.jpgMake no mistake. What seems almost disappointingly simple menu-wise is anything but — more remix that rehash.
boonpoloroids2.jpgDessert’s not negotiable. Anyone who brings up SF’s Humphry Slocombe ice cream in wicked flavors like Secret Breakfast (bourbon and cornflakes) has their finger on the sweet pulse. A dense fudge brownie with sea salt ($6). Come on.
Serving neighborhood wines (meaning Russian River), the spot is semi al-fresco with a ringside seat to the Guerneville scene, which depending on the day and hour can be just about anything you want it to be.
boon eat + drink: 16248 Main St., Guerneville, 869-0780.

Editor’s Note: Travel, dining and wine tasting can be complicated right now. Use our inspirational ideas to plan ahead for your next outing, be it this week or next year. If you visit restaurants, wineries, and other businesses during the pandemic, remember to call ahead, make reservations, wear a mask and social distance.

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13 thoughts on “Boon Eat + Drink

  1. All I can muster is ‘WOW’! If this is any indication as to how 2010 is going to be, its gonna be a hell of a year!
    My husband and I found this little gem on a business trip out west and I believe we experienced what is commonly referred to as ‘nirvana’, ahh….pure bliss. Contemporary, understated, fresh decor, wonderful service, and most importantly the FOOD. We had to come back again and make sure we weren’t dreaming, and lo and behold we were not!
    Every single thing we ordered was mouth watering, just fantastic. One standout was the brussel sprouts which were out of this world, I think if we lived nearby it would be my guilty little pleasure; blanched then flash-fried and seasoned with garlic, lemon, and crushed red pepper. Oh, and a KILLER wine list, rock it out ladies!! Can’t wait to come back.

  2. But are these real Polaroids…or artfully faked (ala BigHugeLabs, etc.)? Either way, I DID notice them! Nicely done, BiteClubEats!

  3. I’ve been to Boon twice–for lunch and dinner. Portions are nicely sized–food is creative and simple. food is very fresh. not the same sonoma county menu. halibut dish is to die for. fries are best in county. fresh fruit cobbler will make your knees weak and mouth very satisfied-don’t miss it! there is so much “fake food” at huge prices in this county–not at boon–food is excellent–and i have no problem putting down dollars for real taste.
    their concept is probably more industrial sheik than guerneville is used to but is that so bad? this restaurant is cool enough for SF and guerneville could cerainaly use a bit of that! if you need down home guerneville, try pat’s next door or the pizza place with their karaoke on sunday nights. if you are looking for something fresh, give boon a try.

  4. I have been going to Guerneville for almost 20 years and from the first time I tried the steak and the arugula salad, I knew Boon was something very special and in my opinion, very needed in that town. Simple, unpretentious, delicious and really fun – they take dining in Guerneville to a whole different level.

  5. You will leave hungry. Very slow service. Steak came back raw, not medium. Very small portions. Great in concept, great location, but doesn’t deliver on the food or service. Space is also an issue. If there was better service to inform guests on the wait, that would be helpful. It’s hard to keep a business going in Guerneville as it is. The experience I had will make it harder.

  6. Yeah, there are a ton of new places i need to try up there — like i’ve never been to the Pink Elephant!
    I’ll try to get to them after I fix my typos. Sheesh.
    Um, and I thought I was being very clever. I mean, when’s the last time you were in Guerneville? It’s a pretty diverse crowd doing pretty diverse things. I just figure they’re all probably pretty hungry at some point. RIght?

  7. Yay, Heather!! There are so many great places up along the River (Jenner to just beyond Forestville, in my “book”)- I am pleased to see that you have a chance to check out one of the newer additions……
    Have seen the Boon signage…..will totally drop in ….sounds delightful and anything but ordinary…..and Thank Goodness for that! (Is this the same “Boon” that has the spa and resort just down Armstrong Woods Road?)
    Another new place is Chef Patrick’s (also Guerneville) and if you’ve not tried Henweigh (next door to Mom’s Pies) down on 116 and exactly across the road from the “Welcome to Forestville” sign, I highly recommend that you do so – you’re in for a treat!

  8. The ‘you will be hungry afterward’ is misleading & negative. How about the typo’s in ‘Make not mistake. What seems almost disappointingly simple menu-wise is anything but — more remix that rehash.’ How about re-writing this and leave out the attempts at being clever?

  9. What she said was “No matter what brings you to the resort hamlet of Guerneville, chances are you’re gonna be hungry afterward.” In other words, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc. There are many outdoor activities people head to Guernville for…thus you’ll be hungry and lookin’ for a place to eat…not you’ll be hungry after going here…I look forward to trying this place!

  10. you are going to be hungry afterward?…hope that was a typo! Looking forward to checking this place out and leaving stuffed.

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