BiteClub Food Circus @ Handcar Regatta

You're coming, right? BiteClub goes to town at the Handcar Regatta 2010

It’s a bigtop food extravaganza — welcome to the BiteClub Food Circus at the Third Annual Handcar Regatta. (Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010)

I’m going to assume you’re familiar with the Regatta, darlings. Because if you’re not, well, spend some time here and get back to me once you’ve got your mind properly corseted.
This year, BiteClub is putting on a little show of our own. With some friends. Head to our booth for all-day fun and food demonstrations.
Here’s the Lineup:
11am : Exotic Cheese of the Orient. Our friends at The Beverage People (who should really be called the Everything Fermented People) will demonstrate how to make Indian paneer, a fresh cheese that makes dishes like Saag Paneer actually taste good.
Noon: Dirty Pickling with the Veggie Queen. Jill Nussinow gets crafty with a demonstration of Watermelon Rind Kimchee in all its garlicky, fermented goodness. Kapow!
1pm: Everything but the squeal: Live Butchery! Chef Roger Praplan from La Gare will demonstrate the fascinating deconstruction of a 60 pound pig. Fear not, our porcine friend has already been dispatched and ALL the parts will be eaten and used. We’re no wasters. And we love pork belly.
2pm: Exotic Spices from Far Off Lands: The gals from Savory Spice will be tempting your noses and your palates with a spicey demonstration of curries and herbs from exotic lands. Follow your nose to this one.
3pm: Eve’s Apple: Merrilee Olson of PRESERVE Sonoma tames the forbidden fruit with apple press demonstrations (throughout the day) and LIVE vinegar making. Keep watching, because you never know what she might come up with!
– 4pm: Stuff This Sausage Making: Roger Praplan returns to demonstrate sausage-making (remember the pig?). There’s no waste and no want when it comes to porky deliciousness.
– 5pm: Dessert Time: Stick around for Bacon brittle and Straus vanilla bean ice cream from Chef Tiffany Friedman, who’s competing in the Sears Chef Challenge (and hoping to win some big $$ for Food For Thought, so vote for her!). What you say? Aw yeah, sweet porky goodness. So worth it.
What else is on tap?
Well, BiteClub’s super excited about another food area – the Friedman’s canning stage. Kimberley Rossi is a canning whiz and uber gardener who’s behind all that cool canning gear at Friedman’s home supply. If you’ve been over there recently (and I was while finalizing all my Regatta gear), you’ll automatically be inspired to start “putting up” for the winter.
“It’s become more and more popular over the last few years. We thought it was something that we thought only our grandparents did. But for me, it became a necessity — every inch of my garden has comething you can eat,” said Rossi. She’s been tapped by the stores to become their in-house canning expert and works with newbies (and experienced canners) to make sure things turn out well.
So during the bounty time of year (September, October), there are only a couple choices for all the extra veggies and fruits lying around: Give them away or can them. “It’s a labor of love. It can be quite hot in the kitchen canning all day, but after you’ve done it, you get to eat it all through the winter.” said Rossi.