Bistro V for sale

BiteClub has learned that Bistro V, the popular, Michelin-rated Sebastopol restaurant owned by Chef Rick Vargas and his wife, Meekk, has gone up for sale.

An advertisement in the Sunday Press Democrat listed the restaurant for $1.25 million and adds, ‘illness forces sale.’ When BiteClub called the restaurant this morning, an employee explained that Vargas’ wife, Meekk, is ill and the couple are seeking someone to take over their beloved spot. The couple opened the restaurant in 2005.

A note signed by Meekk, sent to BiteClub gave her perspective on the departure:

“Ever since we started operating the restaurant, we’ve had good fortune – the crew that assembled is fantastic, the fruit trees and flowers that we’ve planted are blooming, and the customers have become our second family. We’ve had good press, made it into the Zagat and Michellin guides, and were looking forward to growing along with our community.

We would have liked to continue doing this for many years to come, but as things turned out, we are not in a position to do that now.

We’re looking for a buyer that will adopt the restaurant and take good care of it, keeping the crew, the customers, and the three kittens that live under the building happy. We’re looking for someone who is good natured, experienced, and appreciates good food and fine wine.”

A buyer has not yet been found.

The restaurant previously housed long-time French restaurant Chez Peyo.

Bistro V, 2295 Gravenstein Highway, Sebastopol, 707.823.1262