Big Boy’s Buns and Burgers

Around since 1963, this walk-up burger spot's got a local following that borders on rabid.

Hardening arteries since 1963, Big Boy’s Buns and Burgers has a local following that borders on rabid. Larkfield locals frequently line up at the walk-up windows, waiting patiently for their half-pound Big Boys and beer-battered onion rings for as long as it takes.
Worth the wait? Let me lay out the pros and cons. On the plus side are fresh patties, crisp fixins (tomatoes, lettuce and pickles), J-Lo sized buns and, of course, the special sauce. Minuses: An almost mess-free burger in need of a juice transfusion
and a poor burger to bun ratio–too much of a good thing (in this case the bun) isn’t always a good thing. Other minor annoyances included a lack of toast on the undersize of aforementioned bun and a serious lack of grilly goodness. Hey, those little crackly, crunchy bits off the spatula are what I’m here for.
The thick-cut fries and onion rings at Buns and Burgers are highly respectable companions, served up with plenty of salt. If you’re going all out, I recommend indulging in a small order of each, or the chili-cheese fries if you really want to get that old heart beating triple time. Also on the menu is the bacon, ham and cheese burger, bbq cheese burger with onion rings, patty melt with swiss and grilled onions, fish and chips, chili cheese dogs, BLT sandwiches and daily specials (today’s was pastrami).
Don’t miss handmade ice cream shakes so thick you’ll get a headache from sucking the straw. Just for good measure, take home a quart of co-owner George Fiori’s minestrone soup, passed down from a special family recipe for generations. People swear by the stuff.
Big Boy’s Buns and Burgers, 406 Larkfield Shopping Center, Santa Rosa, (707) 546-6835, open daily from 7am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday until 8pm.
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