Best Mexican Food in Sonoma County Restaurants

Where are the best Sonoma County restaurants for Mexican food and what are their absolute must-have dishes?

What are Sonoma County’s best Mexican dishes?

Sonoma County is awash with great regional Mexican dishes. From Oaxacan moles and Jaliscan birria to the street foods of Mexico City, fish tacos of the Baja peninsula and ancient flavors of Yucatan we’re a caldera of Latin flavors.

So BiteClub asks:  Where is the best Mexican food in Sonoma County Restaurants?

I’ll pick the best 10 comments below and see if I agree…

Here are some of my favorites…

Moles: I’m pretty convinced that no one can beat Agave (Healdsburg) and  their sister restaurant Casa De Mole.
Tlayuda: I absolutely loved this version of a Mexican pizza in Windsor.
Chilaquiles:  I recently went on a hunt, and was blow away by a version at Viola Pastry Boutique and Jeffrey’s Hillside
Fresh Tortillas: Freshly made, these are by far the best corn tortillas.
Tamales: El Molino Central are the tamales to beat.
Tacos Dorados: I’m a die-hard fan of Chelino’s.
Carnitas: Lola’s is pretty rock solid.
Chiles Rellenos: Las Palmas
Fish Tacos: Las Palmas
Burritos: La Texanita
Guacamole: El Michoacana

Seafood Ceviche
Chiles Colorado
Carne Asada, Al Pastor
Refried Beans
Seafood Dish
Meat Dish 

What other dishes?

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58 thoughts on “Best Mexican Food in Sonoma County Restaurants

  1. Someone just turned me on to Mendoza’s Taqueria on Piner road up near Coffey Lane. I just had a plain Carnitas burrito but it was excellent. Can’t wait to go back and try other items.

  2. Mateo’s Cocina Latina in Healdsburg and at farmers markets

    Karina’s in Petaluma for Oaxacan

    Lolita’s market in Petaluma for tacos al pastor

    El Brinquito market in Agua Caliente for pollo asado grilled outdoors

    Los Girasoles in Cloverdale for birria, enchiladas, aguas frescas

  3. Adobo taqueria located in cross roads plaza inside tans donuts this taqueria thy share one side they sale donuts and te other side they sale Mexican food, they have tacos, burritos tortas nachos tostadas at great prices, I got to say that adobo taqueria has the best tacos in Santa Rosa, I always trying something new and they got a Taste, bet salsas! I love they adobada tacos and tripa, I’m coming back for sure.

  4. East SR:
    Everything/anything: Chelino’s (hands down my fave)
    Veggie burritos: Lepe’s

    West SR
    Everything/anything: La Texanita

    Everything/anything: Socorro’s

  5. I know margaritas aren’t on your list (and I know they’re not food!) but MAYA in Sonoma has the best margaritas around! And $5 at happy hour is pretty reasonable too! Nice, fresh Yucatan-style food too.

  6. You have to try El Patio over by Oliver’s in SR. Everything on their menu is absolutely delicious, with big portions and awesome prices. The place always has people in and out, I’ve been going there for years, and never gets old. I just discovered Tonayan in RP, and oh my goodness do they have one of the best salsas I have ever had! Although I’ve only had a couple dishes from there, I have not been disappointed. The “Empapelada”, a new dish there, is amazing! Lola’s on petaluma hill rd makes really good camarones a la diabla, that really are super spicy, but none of them can compare to my momma’s home cooking. 🙂

    1. El Patio also has a McDougall menu, which is all vegan, and their regular menu can be easily vegetarianized. They’re awesome, my favorite one out there!

    2. The El Patio on Stony Point use to be another one othe places one of my Tailors & I would go out for Lunch because it did have such good Mexican Food. He was(he Passed about 10 years ago) Mexican American as he called himself or as he said it an American that happened to be of Mexican Heritage. He use to make some of the best Salsa that him & another guy & I use to eat that would make you cry & brade out in a Sweat because it was so Hot(but so good). He used Habanero Peppers & we use to take some with us when we would go out to eat. My Memory is not what it use to be or I could remember some of the names of the Old places.

  7. My wife and I try to frequent as many diff taquerias in SoCo as possible. Through all of our travels the best one in my opinion is the SR Taqueria in the Montecito Center. They make the best al pastor I’ve had, there super burritos are awesome with amazing sauce on top. I enjoy their taquitos and carne asada tacos as well. My wife really likes their camarones el diablo. I know the papusa place by the fairgrounds isn’t mexican but they are amazingly good. The portions are harty and the prices are fair at both places I just mentioned. I don’t want to use this forum to bash but I have to say that El Capitan on Mendo is incredibly unfair with their portion:price. The food there is decent but the serving and price are a joke. How that place has lasted so long I have no Idea.

  8. El Favorito on Sebastopol Rd. in SR and in Sebastopol rate high for their tasty and very affordable tortas. I like the lengua-my husband has the carne asada. Their salsa verde is made with avocado and is fabulous! The SR restaurant sometimes has burritos de camaron-YUM! El Sombrero in Healdsburg has good tamales.Horchata is good,too.La Tapatia Restaurant and taco truck in Guerneville have good burritos and the restaurant has tasty tamales and a variety of salsas and escabeche’.

  9. El Favorito on Sebastopol Rd. in SR and in Sebastopol rate high for their tasty and very affordable tortas. I like the lengua-my husband has the carne asada. Their salsa verde is made with avocado and is fabulous! The SR restaurant sometimes has burritos de camaron-YUM! El Sombrero in Healdsburg has good tamales.Horchata is good,too.La Tapatia Restaurnat and taco truck in Guerneville have good burritos and the restaurant has tasty tamales and a variety of salsas and escabeche’.

  10. El Brinquito on Piner makes some very good Al Pastor and pollo asado burritos and they have good enchiladas, too.

    As for the place that used to be in Windsor on Starr Road do you mean the place that was a market or the place that was by the railroad tracks?

    Regardless, the place I miss the most from Windsor was the El Sol taquerias (one was on Windsor River Road and the other was in the shame shopping center as the post office). Their super burrito was HUGE and tasted great! Too bad they decided to close up shop.

    1. The place on Starr Road that I’m talking about was an Old Taqueria that was there 40 or more years ago & was out West of the old Town of Windsor. I can not remember if it was by any Railroad Tracks or not, I just remember that the Food was at the time the Best around!!!

      1. The Old Mexican Food place on Starr Rd in Windsor that was near the railroad tracks was called, Rancho Mexicali. They closed in the late 80’s and retired. My parents took us there when we were young. I remember they only had beer and wine and they made vermouth wine Margaritas that my parents loved!

    2. The original El Sol in the heart of old Windsor was in a funky, warm and inviting house where they served up THE BEST burritos made to order. Hands down, they were always perfect, always delicious, wrapped hot and ready to eat. Kept the body energy up all day.

  11. We moved to Santa Rosa in ’08 and there weren’t any Mexican restaurants that I liked until I found Rancho Mendoza Super Mercado on Piner Rd (took me 3 years to discover it!). They have THE BEST Mexican food in the area, in my opinion. Their portions are large and their prices are super reasonable. AND it tastes like the Mexican food I grew up on in Southern California.

  12. I would have to say in Santa Rosa that Las Palmas is my overall favorite place to go for that Hungry feeling for Mexican Food of to my Nephew & Niece’s place & let him cook me up something. I have not been to TSR on Stony Point in along time but we use to go there for Lunch sometimes when I worked. Does anyone remember the Old Star place up in Windsor many years ago(decades ago) that was a Mexican place?? I just don’t get out as much as I use to because my Wife likes my Cooking better than most places out there!!

  13. Huaraches: Los Hermanos, Santa Rosa
    Posole: Cafe Salsa, Cotati
    Carnitas: Lola’s,Market, Petaluma Hill Rd
    Camarones con Crema: Mi Ranchito, Cotati
    Albondigas: Los Tres Chiles, Santa Rosa

  14. Gotta give it up for the huaraches at the Delcias Elenitas truck in Sebastopol Ave in Santa Rosa. The gorditas, sopes and tacos rock, too. I get them all with carnitas, for those carnitas fans out there.

  15. I was really impressed with Los Arcos in the Safeway shopping center on Marlow. Also, the carnitas burritos at Ochas is simply the best.

  16. As said, Guadalajara in Healdsburg. Their Al Pastor super burrito(and carne asada) is killer… and the salsa verde. Get an horchata while you’re there too.

  17. For huaraches, LOS HERMANOS has the best. I always order them with al pastor and of couse their my caliente picosa sauce. They would not serve this sauce to you with their chips. You have to request them as ‘picosa’ and a side of horchata to cool you down.

    100 Burt Street Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    (707) 544-5230

  18. Adobo Taqueria on Guerneville Road, past Fulton Rd. Just opened. Good selection of meats and the tacos are killer! Jose (chef/owner) makes all his own sauces and salsas. Good cheap eats!


  20. It has too be Chileno’s on 4th Street at College Avenue, Santa Rosa.

    I’ve been eating there every week for the last 6 years and it never gets old.

    Great fresh Mexican food, with an extensive menu. Great atmosphere, and the best staff around.

    If you haven’t tried it, you’re seriously missing out.

  21. Mexico Lindo in Graton. Chile rellenos, pork tamales, fish tacos, chile verde, and shrimp tostada are all highly recommended, and the house-made limonada cuts right through the hottest West County afternoon!

  22. Al pastor at any of the Mi Pueblos is amazing. A little spicy, but the acidity is perfect! Also love their carne asada and pollo asada. A favorite thing to order is a chile relleno burrito and then ask them to add any of those meats! Oh, and their tomatillo-avocado salsa from their salsa bar is a must!

  23. The taco cart inside the Casa del Palmarcito market in the West End (7th and Madison) makes awesome tacos and quesadillas. I think they only fire it up on the weekend?

  24. I like to eat at La Guadalajara in Healdsburg . They have great salsa, especially the green, and the chips come warm. I’m addicted to their cheese enchilada plate which comes with mole sauce. Their ceviche tostadas are delicious, too. They have a vegetarian whole bean option. When I’m in Richmond I always eat at La Estrella. They have the best chile rellenos I’ve ever had. They have vegetarian beans, also.

  25. Carnitas & Al Pastor Tacos ~ Lola’s on Petaluma Hills Road for volume and price, La Texanita for quality, presentation, service and atmosphere

    Shredded Pork and Mesquite Grilled Chicken Tacos ~ Papas & Pollo, Sebastopol

    Pollo en Mole and Pescado Veracruzano ~ Mexico Lindo, Graton

    Sazon is very good, but not inexpensive

  26. Hmm, I always thought the best burritos in town were at Lilas on Yalupa, but you say La Texanita? I’m headed there this weekend to try it out!

  27. How can we forget El Favorito in Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa for their “super burrito”? It has that special something other burritos are missing.

  28. I make my own Tamales now & then & make them either Chicken or Pork as well as make them the Mexican way with a little Spice to them or goe the way like as with El Salvidorian Cooks that make them a little more less Spicy. A Tailor that use to work for me that was from El Salvidor & his Wife made some for a Pot Luck the Store had once & they were then put on my Menu from then on. I make a Dish that is a comb Burrito/Enchalada that I really don’t know what to call it but I cook it in the oven & make several in the dish at one time with a sauce over them with a layer of Cheese over that. I also came up with a Dish that is a Mexican Lasagna that I use Tortillas instead of Pasta for my layers with Mexican Spices & not Italian ones also. I like to make it with a Green Sauce for a change of pace also. Two of my local favorite places to go out for are Dos Amigo in Cotati & Tonayan in Rohnert Park & Mi Ranchito in Cotati (use to be Mi Pueblito). We like to have what ever we feel like having & don’t stick to a particular Dish.

  29. In Santa Rosa, our two favorites are La Palapa on Lewis Road and Las Palmas on Santa Rosa Ave. Can’t pick just one item at either place as our favorites as anything and everything we have ordered has been excellent.

  30. Pazole from La Texanita is one of my Favorite things to have in the Winter Time or just about anytime that I want to remember some of the ones I use to eat when I was a Kid growing up over in Graton that some of the Mamasitas would make for me when I would take them some of my Mom’s Mashed Taters & Sawmill Gravy that they loved!!

  31. I am a HUGE Mexican food fan, and I think Taqueria Santa Rosa on Mendocino Ave. (near the JC) does a fantastic job. I usually judge a spot by it’s al pastor, and I think they have some of the best. My BF loves their cheese enchiladas, and their rice and beans are addictive.

    Las Palmas is my 2nd favorite taqueria I’ve found so far.

    In Windsor, I’ve recently discovered Estrellas Market– and it’s hit or miss with what you order there- but one fantastic discovery is their Grilled Chicken. Jeff Mall, owner of Zin Restaurant, recommended these to me- and he did not steer me wrong! You get 6 pieces of deliciously spiced grilled chicken, and tortillas for $10! It’s a deal.

  32. Carnitas: the before mentioned Lolas, also El Sombrero in Healdsburg
    Al Pastor: Taqueria Guadalajara, Healdsburg (also have the best Salsa Verde around)
    Pozole: the old Pepe’s was pretty good. Anyone else think Pepe’s has gone downhill since they moved a few years ago?

  33. Huh? Lots of taqueria and grocery stores being mentioned but what about RESTAURANTS? Agave in HBG has good mole, agreed, but the ambiance is nasty. La Rosa in SR is better but still misses the mark from a food standpoint (although their vibe and waitstaff are really good…killer margaritas, too). We like Mamacita in the city (or Tommy’s) and Marinitas in San Anselmo (although service was sloooooow the last time we were there) but are there any other restaurants (not taquerias) that people can recommend?

    1. El Molina Central is the best….its so fresh, so good. They make everything fresh to order. Nothing in my mind beats it for quality of ingredients, price and product.

  34. Lots of Mexican markets do grilled chicken on the weekends…. However nobody does it better than Estrella’s Market in Windsor. They do it Thursday though Sunday and almost always sells out early. Buy a couple limes and an avocado, and you have a perfect light meal.

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