Best Mexican Food in Sonoma County Restaurants

Where are the best Sonoma County restaurants for Mexican food and what are their absolute must-have dishes?

What are Sonoma County's best Mexican dishes?
What are Sonoma County’s best Mexican dishes?

Sonoma County is awash with great regional Mexican dishes. From Oaxacan moles and Jaliscan birria to the street foods of Mexico City, fish tacos of the Baja peninsula and ancient flavors of Yucatan we’re a caldera of Latin flavors.

So BiteClub asks:  Where is the best Mexican food in Sonoma County Restaurants?

I’ll pick the best 10 comments below and see if I agree…

Here are some of my favorites…

Moles: I’m pretty convinced that no one can beat Agave (Healdsburg) and  their sister restaurant Casa De Mole.
Tlayuda: I absolutely loved this version of a Mexican pizza in Windsor.
Chilaquiles:  I recently went on a hunt, and was blow away by a version at Viola Pastry Boutique and Jeffrey’s Hillside
Fresh Tortillas: Freshly made, these are by far the best corn tortillas.
Tamales: El Molino Central are the tamales to beat.
Tacos Dorados: I’m a die-hard fan of Chelino’s.
Carnitas: Lola’s is pretty rock solid.
Chiles Rellenos: Las Palmas
Fish Tacos: Las Palmas
Burritos: La Texanita
Guacamole: El Michoacana

Seafood Ceviche
Chiles Colorado
Carne Asada, Al Pastor
Refried Beans
Seafood Dish
Meat Dish 

What other dishes?