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John Barleycorn’s Closed

Bennett Valley eatery says goodbye. Sort of.

Signage | Press Democrat
Signage | Press Democrat

Though it was never the height of gastronomy, John Barleycorn’s Bar and Restaurant  in Bennett Valley had a loyal following that included my usually-gourmand grandmother. She still waxes poetic about the burgers of yesteryear at this Yulupa Ave. bar and grill which became more bar than grill in its last days when food service stopped altogether.

News of the demise circulated midweek when a sign on the window merely read, “Barleycorns is Closed. Thank you.” Bummer. Now, how to break the news to grandma. Maybe a cookie from nearby Pink Box Baking Company which is slated to open in early September will ease the pain.

Chris Smith has a few additional details in Towns…

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