Win: Fair Food Scramble 2010

Win a spot at the BiteClub Sonoma County Fair Food Scramble table


You know the drill by now…on opening day of the Sonoma County Fair, BiteClub takes five lucky winners (consider yourself a sort of Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, etc.) to scramble for all the delicious goodness that our midway can offer.
It’s the annual Fair Food Scramble!
From Pasta King to turkey legs, corn dogs, barbecue and beyond, we’ll snatch up whatever goodies we can find, bring it all back to our special reserve tables and feast like the true epicures we really are. (See pix of last year’s scramble)
You should see the looks of wanton jealousy we attract.
So how do you get to participate? Flattery is always good, but to really win my heart, your best bet is to convince me that you’re the ideal candidate. How much do you love fair food? Tell me some special memories. Write a poem. Be creative. Extol your eating virtues, but most of all, be you.

Leave your thoughts below, and five winners will be selected this on Friday (7/24) . You’ll get the details on our funtabulous food fest, but make sure you can be available around 1-3pm on Tuesday, July 27. (I’ll call your boss if you need me to. Cause dang it, this is really more important that whatever you’re doing at work.)
You also need to be fun and willing to share you food. Otherwise, we’ll make you sit alone. No whiners. No changies. No dramarama. Or again, we make you sit alone and make fun of you.