Win a seat with BiteClub at Five Guys

Want to come with BiteClub to check out the new burgery? Lemme know.

WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED. IF you’re not a winner this time, please don’t feel sad. There were so many great entries and I really wish I could have included a lot more of you. Thanks for playing!

Tell me why you’d like to be one of five lucky winners to sit at a reserved table and sample through the entire menu at the newly opened Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Tuesday, February 15.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t The French Laundry, but I want your opinion! And hey, I can’t eat all that food alone. We’ll start the chowing at 5:30pm on the dot and your thoughts and opinions may be featured in the BiteClub roundup.

So why should you be there? Let me know in the comments section below. I’ll pick my favorite answers.

Note: Please be able to come at 5:30pm on Tuesday and please be willing to be an enthusiastic eater. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, that’s great, but this might not be the event for you…I’m just sayin’.

Winners announced on Monday, Feb 14. Must confirm by 3pm Feb. 14. Full rules…

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50 thoughts on “Win a seat with BiteClub at Five Guys

  1. Heather, my friend Megan is 7 1/2 months pregnant and all she can think about right now
    is burgers and shakes – she has heard from her east coast friends that this is the best
    place ever, and of course I will have to go with her to share this experience…who knows, maybe
    by satisfying this huge craving at five guys we might have an exciting finish to the evening.

  2. Because I promise to say stuff like “Heavens to Burgertroid!” whenever I take a bite. Or not. Depending on which you’d prefer. Yeah, I’m a shameless toady. BUT IT’S FOR BURGERS!!!

  3. Hi Heather,
    I don’t have a huge list of credentials and where I’ve eaten, all I know is I LOVE BURGERS! Especially if it has a nice slice of cheese on it. My husband said “hey there’s a new burger place, I bet you want to try it”. Even when I’m sick the only thing I will crave is a burger. So I will toss my name into the hat and cross my fingers. I told my husband that I may not be available for dinner on Tuesday. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Heather,
    I have three teenage daughters, who are the toughest burger critics on the planet. For more than a dozen years, we have tried every burger joint from here to San Diego and I know what kids like. Forget about all of these people that need to go for themselves, I want to be there to judge the place for how it will stack up against all of the others eateries speacilizing in burgers. I believe that a review from a father of picky eaters will go a long way in getting Five Guys over the top. Take me along and you won’t regret the choice.


  5. You should select me because I am both a shrewd diner and an appropriately relaxed burger connoisseur. That and ever since I found out what a Five Guys was I have been anxiously awaiting a chance to get in and savor the particular nuance that they impart upon the american classic. And lastly I feel that if nothing else it will behoove you to have me at your table as opposed to having to deal with me brooding in the corner sending you decidedly unkind vibes from just across the room (And believe me I can send some vibes). See you there.

  6. I would be interested to see the same 5 winners do a back-to-back taste test by comparing to Superburger at 5:30 on Wednesday on us. Hmmm?

    1. Bill…My first superburger was in Penngrove, but word on the streets…the Original Superburger is the spot…
      If I win, I’d love to…
      If I don’t win, I’d still love to…

      Superburger made a fine burg..But, I have to say this…Superburger isn’t in the same category in my mind…Places like 5 guys are chains, they are everywhere, Superburger…for locals..Superburgers are definitely quality enough to be anywhere and everywhere…but I’d automatically think that Superburgers are already a cut above…or at least my taste buds think that way!

  7. i would like to get a burger ticket for my son to try the 5 guys burger…he is in college and moonlighting as
    pizza delivery guy and I just found out he just started to workout. He already tried MOST burgers from mickey d’s, burger king, jack’s, wendy’s, carl’s jr.,sonic, in and out, buns and burgers in windsor, to gott’s formerly taylor’s, counter burger and of course the ultimate his Mom’s homemade burger. It is ok for him to eat turkey burgers but not those meatless ones. He would just say ‘ewwww’. It would be terrific if he tries this new burger on the block. What a great opportunity for this young man courtesy of biteclub. “Bun” appetito, c’est si “bun”!!!

  8. Any excuse to eat a lot of cow is good by me!!

    If Five Guys is going to be the next big thing, I wanna get in on the cult following from the get-go.

  9. My son-in-law insisted that I try 5 guys when I was visiting in Virginia and I thought it was good, but not quite equal to In-n-Out. Certainly the fries were superior, but I wasn’t so sure about the hamburger. My son-in-law, who also does love In-n-Out, could not believe I didn’t consider % guy’s hamburgers superior. Therefore in deference to my son-in-law, a Navy Chaplin, I will revisit this rapidly expanding chain using my memory of dining with him and our varied opinions as a starting off point. To do dine with a group of wine county experts in a hamburger chain would certainly be an honor and epicurean experience.

  10. Dear Heather,

    I’m writing to win my place at the table with BiteClub at the Five Guys tasting. I’ve spent a lot of time cruising the local area looking for the best burgers, i.e. SuperBurger, In -n- Out, Mike’s, Carmens, Heavenly Hamburgers, etc. There are all sorts of places slinging burgers, but there is a certain way to correctly sling burgers, and it sounds like Five Guys may be bringing a new standard to the table. Anyone who is proposing to up the ante captures my interest. See, some places used to have burger with fries, a shake and finish it all off with a piece of homemade pie a la mode, so good you can’t resist, so full you can hardly walk… people who can’t offer this combo must bring their own game. The promise here may be that Five Guys has recognized what they do well, and are sticking to it… Can Five Guys pull it off???

  11. Dearest Heather,
    Those who have tried 5 Guys, please eliminate them…they already tried it and I have not.
    I am not pregnant and not craving burgers.
    I am not a Santa Rosa native.
    The last burger I ate was at Wendy’s 2 weeks ago. I ordered the burger from the dollar menu.
    I do not like to eat beef a lot, but I eat burger anyway – they are the most complete meal.
    I have not eaten thousand of burgers yet, still in middle age.
    So far I drive to St. Helena or Oxbow in Napa to eat the best burger… formerly Taylor’s Refresher, now called Gott’s. I love their bun! from a French bakery. Oui! they are brioche…
    I tried Counter Burger in Marin too! I love to customize my burgers.
    Thank you Biteclub! You rock!

  12. Heather, I’m a Santa Rosa native, born almost 57 years ago at Memorial Hospital, and have eaten at just about EVERY place this town has ever had. I’ve seen burger joints come and go, good and bad, and still get hunger pangs when I think of the Arctic Circle, Eat and Run, Rogers, and the incomparable Heavenly Hamburger(Mick knew how to make a burger, that’s for sure!) Not only do I feel that I’m a burger afficianado, I’m an expert on local burgers. Sure, I’ve tasted In-N-Out, and Carmens, and they’re good, but I need to compare them with Five Guys. That, and they have Cajun fries! Did I mention the Cajun fries? But the best reason I need to be there? I ALWAYS listen to Brent and Debbie on Thusday mornings just so I can hear YOU!!!!!!!!! Nothing better than a little shameless buttering up is there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Hi Heather…
    I’m old and have eaten thosands of burgers, from White Castle to Starks, so I would think someone with my vast experience would be a perfect addition to the group…

  14. Heather,

    After a lifetime of testing burgers…some of the best burgers to be had in Vegas (The Burger Bar, it also cost me an arm and a leg)…Growing up in Southern California where In N’ Out reigned supreme, and was a family favorite, working on site where the lunch trucks would bring In N’ Out to the sites and I’d pay a slight premium for having that goodness delivered..I’ve got a lifetime sense of dedication to the almighty burger. I’m a lifelong In N’ Out fan, and have always heard the 5 Guys is the only “chain” burger to mess with In N’ Out, so I’ve made it my mission to try a 5 Guys burg…

    I’ve always tinkered w/my own burgs at home, mixing various meats/sausages, seasonings…buns/toppings…I feel like I’m a mad burger scientist, and have always thought about entering into a burger cook off…I’m almost too shy to say it, but I spend a lot of time thinking about burgers…
    Burgers are part of the food pyramid for me and my buddies, and we’ve always felt something viscerally satisfying about a deeeeelicious burger!
    The world is always a better place with a nice juicy burger in hand….

    Now, french fries…ooooohhhhh you delicious fried sticks from the heavens, how can you esit without a burger backing you up…Fries and burgers are like peas and carrots…they were just meant to be on the same plate together…
    I’ve always thought that In N Out was solid, but the fries..well, they definitely were the weaker link (when considering the burgers of course)…and I’m not the type of guy to order special sauce and cheese gooped on my fries…A nice SACK o’ fries, seasoned and crispy…this seems like a claim to fame for 5 Guys almost as much as their purportedly tasty burgers…

    How could an experience be better for a guy like me???
    Trying a renowned burger…
    Trying it with my favorite (& local) foodwriter, who has always opened my gastronomical horizons in Sonoma County….
    Local place within minutes of my home…

    Are the stars lining up for me? Should I buy a lotto ticket???
    I dunno, but I know that I’ll be at 5 Guys on opening day, and if I’m not sitting with ya, I’ll be waving to ya!!!

    Take it easy Heather!

  15. Haven eaten at various 5-Guys around the country i am the local expert on 5-Guys service, quality and 5-Guys everything. Carson, CA, Vacaville-CA, Lexington-KY, Temecula-CA, San Diego, Gainseville-FL and now Santa Rosa. Best of the best? is Carson so far. no others need to apply or post contest ends and winner is here.

  16. Hello Heather from,

    I would like to nominate the best person I know–Ryan Vincent–for the totally awesome taste testing experience at 5 Guys. I believe that he would be a great candidate for a number of reasons:

    1. Instead of celebrating Valentines day, Ryan has chosen to work. Before you make any judgement calls and thing something like “what an animal,” I have to tell you what he does. He has dedicated his time and energy every week to protect the citizens of Sonoma County from, none other than, themselves. Ryan is an EMT for Sonoma County Life Support.

    2. Ryan just passed his test to become an American Citizen! To offically welcome him into the USA, it would be an amazing opportunity to witness his ‘rebirth’ as an American by allowing him to partake in 5 Guys notoriously awesome menu.

    and last but not least…drum roll please…

    3. Ryan and I recently took a road trip to Texas to deliver some furniture. When we arrived, we saw…dun dun…5 Guys–we even walked by it. Ryan actually turned down the opportunity to eat there because he wanted his first experience to be at the 5 Guys in Sonoma County (what dedication!)

    Well Heather, there is my long-winded nomination. I hope you would strongly consider Ryan S. Vincent, a former resident to Canada, a life-saver and a patient burger connoisseur of Sonoma County.

    Yours Truly,
    Karlee Tucker

    PS. Because this would be a belated VDay gift (and an awesome experience) I hope that would would consider my presence as well. I could just sit there and watch Ryan’s reaction when he tells me (in mumbled words because he is eating) how amazing his food is (and because I love him).

    1. This is perhaps the sweetest valentines day thing I have ever read. Give it to Ryan so you can bask in this glow.

      Oh yeah, and bring Jennifer and her unborn kid as well.

  17. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today or any day for that matter. Just call me Wimpy – love all things Hamburger related. Always on the lookout for a new place to experience the ultimate TASTE SENSATION. In fact my mouth is watering as I write this! BRING IT ON FIVE GUYS! Also would love to meet you Heather – always listen to you on the radio.

  18. Hi Heather
    Since we mmoved to Santa Rosa my husband and I have been on a quest to find the best hamburgers around in various price ranges. He is 80 and I am 75, and we still are enjoying the search.
    So far we have not been to happy with the “fast food” burgers and are always happy to try new ones.

  19. I am DYING to try Five Guys. My sister has been raving that this is the best burger place ever and I am anxious to try it for myself!! I turn the big 3-0 on the 18th and this would be an awesome way to start off my 30th with a burgers! would make my husband very jealous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I moved all the way from Maryland 8 years ago and never had a Five Guys Burger in my 49 years back there!!!! Now, you tell me there is one a few blocks from where I live and work!!!! COINSIDENCE???? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!! This was MEANT to be!!

  21. Quite simply. I LOVE burgers and EVERYTHING that goes along with them.
    I will also come armed for max amopunts of eating wearing my maternity jeans, even though I am no longer pregnant, and can bring extra pairs ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Hi Heather – As a hamburger lover, I am so excited to have a Five Guys in the area! I am from Virginia and always took everyone visiting to have their hamburgers – have to say they have some of the best fries out there too! I tried to become an In & Out fan, but Five Guys has my heart. It would be amazing to revisit my absolutely favorite hamburger spot and share the excitement of their opening! Thanks and have fun!

  23. Dear Heather: Thank you for offering to share your inaugural feast at the opening of Five Guys in our very own culinary capital of Sonoma County! I too am a foodie-in-training and love nothing more than diving in to a new eating experience, but donโ€™t always have the means to pursue this avenue on my pursuit of happiness journey. If chosen, I would offer you and your readers a non-biased, honest, maybe even what youโ€™d call an innocent review of every item I get the chance to taste. Iโ€™d be especially thrilled if given the role of lead hot-dog taster, as I am a self-proclaimed hot dog fanatic and am super curious to see how well Five Guys Burgers and Fries manages their lesser known menu option.

    Thanks again, and I hope I win!

  24. I am pregnant with just eight weeks to go and throughout my entire pregnancy I have been craving BURGERS! No joke. My husband and I have been all over town over the past seven months. When I enter a burger place, I lose all sense of moderation and want to order everything on the menu. I always show restraint and go ahead and make a selection, but this would give me the chance to really go for it. Maybe, just maybe, I’d satisfy my craving once and for all, as I have yet to be able to do.

  25. Good day and good burgers to you.

    Top reasons why I would would make an amazing guest:

    1. I once at burgers for 16 days in a row.
    2. When I was 5, I promised myself that I would never marry anyone who did not eat meat.
    3. I am really fun and I am really good at eating.
    4. Alissa is actually a synonym for Burger.
    5. I do not cook. Ever. So I’ll need to find a place to eat on Tuesday. Five Guys sounds better than perfect.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  26. This would be so much fun to attend! Especially since I have been trying to find the ultimate, tastiest, juiciest, best made burger in SoCo for years. There are great burgers out there, but so far none that I would jump out of bed at midnight to go get due to extreme cravings! Maybe Five Guys will have the one? I can only hope!

  27. We go to all places in Santa Rosa and compare burgers. We love Carmen’s for their turkey pesto Fontina. In and Out is pretty good but lacking the meat pattie. P/30 was a tad dry. What will Five Guys be like with Jalepeno’s??????

  28. I love burgers, especially In ‘N Out. So I want to compare Five Guys’ East Coast with our West Coast.
    Of course, being a West Coast woman, I may be a bit bias. Let me at them! I’m ready, willing and hungry.

  29. I am the biggest burger lover that ever walked this earth! Anywhere I go, I order a burger if they have it on the menu. I crave a burger daily. MMMMMMMMM!!! My dream career is to be a food critic. I would love to join you all and dine with fellow burger connoisseurs!!!!!

  30. Hello from a biteclub fan!

    First, I would never call it a booger like Fabio on Top Chef! Second, I changed my career several years ago and have been living the life as a foodie/personal chef ever since. Sometimes I cook, sometimes I serve, some times I volunteer…anything I can do to further my education. To sit on the tasting panel with a local food editor such as yourself and with burgers, being my all time favorite food item, I just have to be put on your list. Pretty please, with French Fries on top!


  31. I am fascinated by all things Burger! The thought of a genuine challenger to both our “Wine Country Cuisine” Burgers and the SoCal classic “In-n-Out” makes me hungrier than I thought I could be. I truly look forward to the opportunity to break beast with you, Heather!

  32. I should be one of the 5 invites to sample the Five Guys menu because I am the most facinating, charming, and interesting lunch companion you could possibly find. Oh, by the way, I am very funny and not a Vegetarian.

  33. I will gladly recuse myself in deference to BiteClub’s loyal fans – I just heard the word “burger” and started involuntarily begging like a hungry dog! Have a great time, everyone.

  34. Heather, even though you might be tempted to pick the Proximal Kitchen staff..pick me. I love burgers and fries and I haven’t had a chance to get to Five Guys since hearing about it. I am about to make some BIG changes in my food choices to lose some unwanted pounds and this would be a great Last Meal. I’m a foodie in training and would love this opportunity to share my opinions and learn from yours.

  35. Having previously lived in DC for many years, I am a devoted Five Guys fan. However, I haven’t had any Five Guys’ food in years, since relocating to Sonoma County, and oh, how I miss it! I. Can. Not. Wait!

  36. Top 5 reasons that the Proximal Kitchen staff should attend:
    5. We seriously considereded trying out Heston Blumenthal’s 36-hour recipe for the perfect burger before sanity returned
    4. We’re not above eating a burger for breakfast or, for that matter, dessert.
    3. We regularly take small children to the butcher just to show them how to order custom-ground beef.
    2. We’ve spent more hours trying to recreate In-n-Out animal-style condiments than most people spend at their real jobs on any given day.
    1. We need the material for the PD!

  37. Hello BiteClub! I am so excited that you have put this opportunity out to us. I am a lover of food and in my youth had dreams of being a food critic. My path did not take me that way but it did lead me to this wonderfull culinary delight we call Sonoma County.
    I truly enjoy experiencing as much as this county and life has to offer. Whether it be by food or environment. To combine the two with someone like Heather Irwin and other food enthusiasts would make my otherwise dull Tuesday evening SPECTACULAR!
    When I try something new, my favorite thing is to share my experience with others via a social media venue or in person.
    I know this would be a fabulous time and I hope I get to be a part of it!
    Here’s to good food

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