Watch Coldplay Singer Chris Martin’s Ode to DiCaprio’s Cargo Shorts at Santa Rosa Event

Now that's one headline we never thought we would write.

Now that’s one headline we never thought we would write: Coldplay, Leonardo DiCaprio, cargo shorts and Santa Rosa all in one. But stranger things have happened when celebrities descend on an otherwise (pretty) ordinary town.

On Saturday, September 15, Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation hosted a benefit art auction at Santa Rosa’s Jackson Park Ranch. Coldplay singer Chris Martin performed at the event, which benefited environmental causes. But before the band came on stage, Martin took the opportunity to perform a solo number he had written for the occasion. It was an ode to something slightly odd: not the preservation of the environment or endangered species, but to Leo DiCaprio’s love of cargo shorts.

“I studied him very closely,” Martin sang, accompanied by his guitar, “Personally, and on the Daily Mail website … for about five or six years. What became clear to me was his unbelievable service, his commitment to the business of cargo shorts. This is a guy who said ‘I’m going to save these shorts from extinction, they should’ve gone out about 25 years ago.’”

The moment was captured on video by an audience member, and has now gone viral.

The lyrics to Martin’s (hilarious) song include these opening lines:

“Hello, I’m Leo. How do you do?
There’s a sad side of me I want to show to you.
All my movies, I’m the star, I swear,
But they won’t let me wear what I want to wear!

You see, I have an outfit that I think is fine,
So much that I wear it nearly all the time.
Find 100 pairs on my wardrobe shelf,
So tell the director I’ll be dressing myself:
In my cargo shorts, my cargo shorts!”

Martin’s song also mentions DiCaprio movies, including “Romeo + Juliet” and “The Aviator,” while saying that the actor’s character in “Titanic” might have survived if only his character had worn cargo shorts.

The event raised $11 million, according to The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Let’s just hope it did not also manage to revive the cargo shorts trend…