Tex Wasabi’s Reopens in Santa Rosa

Guy Fieri's Sonoma County rock and roll sushi joint has reopened after a "plumbing issue" closed it for nearly a month -- for the second time.

Tex Wasabi’s in 2011.

Guy Fieri’s downtown Santa Rosa restaurant, Tex Wasabi’s (515 4th St  Santa Rosa, 707-544-8399) has reopened after a brief closure.

The celebrity chef’s “rock-n-roll sushi barbecue” joint closed unexpectedly in mid-November citing plumbing issues. Pamela Spiegel, a representative for the restaurant confirmed that “after a brief closing for repairs, the restaurant has reopened.” No further details were given.

The closure was the second since its opening in 1999. Housed in a historic block of in downtown Santa Rosa, the restaurant closed for 19 months after a ruptured sewer pipe resulted in severe water damage to the restaurant in 2009. Tex Wasabi’s reopened in 2011 with significant interior upgrades.

A second Sacramento-based Tex Wasabi’s restaurant closed in 2013. Guy Fieri operates two Johnny Garlic’s restaurants in Sonoma County, as well as restaurants in New York City, Baltimore, Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

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11 thoughts on “Tex Wasabi’s Reopens in Santa Rosa

  1. I’m always hoping the next news for Tex Wasabi’s will be sound baffling. I can’t enjoy my sushi while I’m being blasted with noise.

  2. Wow,

    Wasabi’s is getting trash-talked about health issues, indirectly, by comments section’s regular trolls.

    Have you folks actually eaten there?

    I’m not a fan of their under-developed service culture or any roll with mayonnaise, especially if it is implied to be sushi, but I never heard of health problems, and thought it was a drinking place with casual food.

    1. Just the usual hating on Guy Fieri and everything he touches just because they can. If you compare the health inspection reports for Wasabi’s vs say…John Ash, you might be surprised at the results.

      1. I took you’re advice and checked. You’re right–John Ash IS worse than Tex Wasabi’s as long as you prefer rodents to inadequate hand-washing facilities.

      2. Check your facts, Jessica! John Ash and Co has had no black violations and five star rating on their health inspections for last 5 years. Including the most current one October 13, 2015. Inspections being accessible to public make it easy to have accurate statemants rather than defamation. I always find it discouraging how people can spew out false information to try to make themselves appear intelligent. Do your homework next time, do better.

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