Giants Win, Garlic Fries Fail.

Anthony Bourdain once wrote - I believe I'm paraphrasing Kitchen Confidential, but I can't find the citation - that anyone who cooks with pre-minced garlic should be sentenced never to taste fresh garlic again, and I have to agree: I adore garlic, but the stuff in the jar is just plain nasty and, unfortunately, it is all over the inexplicably famous Garlic Fries at AT&T Park.

Just Three: Tomatoes, Chilis, and Parsley

As I've already confessed elsewhere and at length, I'm a pretty lousy gardener, but - as with most things in life - luck trumps skill, and Lady Luck planted a big, wet snog on my tomatoes this year. Seriously, to judge by my Green Zebras, she might even have slipped them some tongue.