Go(a)t Milk?

Wyeth Acres sells fresh goat milk in Healdsburg for "pets". But really, why waste it on Fido?

Foods That Make Kids Cry

A couple of nights ago, I made my eldest daughter cry. But not because of a pending time-out, a too-harsh rebuke, homework overload, or an imminent grounding. No, I made my daughter cry by feeding her dinner because, you see, I'm a passable home cook, but a very bad person, and the animal I cooked used to be Cute.

Sauce Slut: A Glossy, Crimson, Zinfandel Reduction

I confess, I'm a total sauce slut: My wife could legitimately accuse me of infidelity, if only she had thought to proscribe lustfully leering at the 5 mother sauces in our vows, and I might happily eat a shoe, if only it were first slathered with a demi glace of sufficiently high quality.

A Rainy-Day Braise: Ancho Chilis, Zinfandel, and Beets

I think this is a killer one-pot dish for a dank, inclement night although, in point of fact, I'm cheating, because neither beets, nor my protein of choice - young goat shanks, from the Owen Family Farm up in Hopland - are technically in season right now. But the mild heat and smoky undertone from the chilies, together with the spicy-sweet peppery jam of the wine, seemed a natural bedfellow for dense, rich, and slightly gamy flavors...

Goat is good

Goats have a bad rap. The bulging eyes, their comic book penchant for tin cans and that whole cloven-hooved association with The Dark One. It’s a PR nightmare, really.  But spend any time with goat people — and by that I mean the rare breed of folks who’ve somehow been captivated by these curious, spirited […]