Starbuck to buy Peet’s Coffee?

Jumpin Java, what's next?

According to a number of published reports, Starbucks may soon acquire Peet’s Coffee, a much loved Bay Area-based coffee chain.

This isn’t necessarily good news for Sonoma County’s java-set. In fact, you can pretty much cause an all out fist fight by claiming allegiance to one or another, around these parts. Sure, we love our Thanksgiving, Ecco and Flying Goat, but there are also those times when you just need a fix.

What’s your take on all the hubub? Does it ruin your day, or is it just another merger? Sound off…

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23 thoughts on “Starbuck to buy Peet’s Coffee?

  1. I was watching the early news when I heard the news. I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed for the rest of the day! Say its not so……

  2. Starbucks v. Peet’s. Burger King v. Jack-in-a-Box. Fritos v. Doritos. Democrat v. GOP. Salem v. Kool.

    “Allegiance?” y a w n

  3. I think Starbucks in recent years has actually gotten a lot better. That being said, I only drink their drip coffee and not their other drinks.

    I will miss Peet’s.

  4. Whatever. I usually buy a bag of Major Dickasons and grind it at home but it could just as easily be something else as long as it is not folgers; as if I’d turn that down if I really needed a cup. We get our teas from the Tea Station in Mill Valley (he ships very quickly and always includes a sample of something we’d like…now there is customer service!) If I have time to relax with a cup I usually go to the Filling Station on College. I stay away from the Goat Rope and that other place on Railroad Square…too pretentious.

  5. Peet’s is really just a Starbucks with stronger coffee. Peets is kind of a treat though because there’s not as many of them, so I appreciate it when I stop by. The coffe really is better. I would frequent local purveyors more often if they didn’t make you feel like an outcast whenever you come in (I’m talking about you Flying Goat and Cafe Noto). Say what you will about Starbucks, but their customer service is top notch. The Flying goat should fire all of their staff (especially the one in Healdsburg) and start fresh. In this economy, there’s no excuse for rude, aloof service.

    1. I have to agree. I gave up on the Goat in HB long ago. They always made me feel like a 2nd class citizen. “I’ll have a cup of coffee and hold the attitude, please.” I don’t like Starbuck’s coffee in general, but they have great customer service. Sometimes, all you want is a cup of coffee and a smile.

  6. I worked at Peet’s when it was still a privately owned company and it was a very different place then than it is even now. No flavored syrups of any kind, other than the chocolate that we used for mochas & hot cocoa, and even that we had to make from scratch. Pastries came from a bakery in San Francisco and were delivered daily at 5 a.m., we were required to do weekly tasting “tests” and everyone who worked there was expected to be an expert on every single coffee, tea and beverage we served. We took a ridiculous level of pride in our foam and ability to pull perfect shots of espresso with amazing crema, but it was a nice company to work for in my very early 20’s. Things changed when they started to be publicly traded and they had a serious expansion of growth. Starbucks & Peet’s were previously owned by the same people, Peet himself sold off to to them in the 80’s, but there was disagreement between the 2 business partners about how to grow their business. One partner took Peet’s, the other took Starbucks & they parted ways. Starbucks exploded, Peet’s remained smaller. Looks like it’s finally coming full circle again. I’ll be sad if they change too much of how Peet’s sources, roasts & brews their coffee, but it feels almost inevitable. You’ll see a proportionate amount of my business going to Flying Goat as the coffee gets weaker and weaker.

  7. Whoa! Starbuck’s success is due to Peete. Peete was the original supplier of coffee to Starbuck.
    The student becomes the master.

  8. Three words – Fourth Steet Deli. I’m a hybrid: I’m a tried and true Peet’s but it’s so strong it gives me the jitters AND heebee jeebies. I do like their berry scone A LOT. I like the sameness of Starbucks and that I can rely upon them anywhere I travel. Petit Scones there or the Maple Nut one. But after the closing of Cafe Azul, I discovered another Pete – his deli on Fourth and Mendo has great lunch food, he’s an upstanding guy and the coffee is great – it’s not that black stuff you can’t see through and actually tastes like coffee. Plus I get my morning conversation. I’ve been converted – for now : ) to a good ole straight up cup of black joe. A nice switch from the chain store

    1. just had flying goats ethiopian blend, the best cup of coffee ever!! peets quality has dwindled in the last 6 years, let starkooks buy em, im stayin local!

  9. Did I read “Peets and quality” in the same sentence? Both coffees are crap, Peets say their pastries are made fresh, when they are delivered every other morning from local bakers. Where’s a Dunkin Donuts when you need one?!

  10. Isn’t it interesting how the inspiration for Starbucks might become owned by Starbucks? Judging by Starbucks quick rise to fame, it’s pretty assured that Peets business is going to skyrocket. As for their beans… I have no problem drinking either kinds of coffee. But given a choice, I’d choose Peets over Starbucks any day. If Starbucks takes on Peets, I believe Peets beans are going to go downhill. Not only that, there’s something to be said about Peets dedication to simply coffee vs. Starbucks gift shop and dozens of high calorie menu choices (how many different ways can we drink something that ends in -ccino?). I’m not really a huge fan of this possible merge.

  11. The truth of the matter is that there really isn’t any discernible difference between Starbucks and Peets. So what’s the big deal?

    They are both publicly-traded corporate roasters that operate on the same fast-food coffee model: anonymous blends, roasted to the point of charcoal nuggets, drowned in swirls of milk and sugar. These companies have nothing to do with great coffee. Their greatest success has been to fool the consuming public that their products have anything to do with real coffee. Support your local roasters who are truly committed to quality AND the community that we live in!

  12. Even if they keep the name I don’t believe they will maintain the same quality. Scharffenberger isn’t the same since Hershey took them over. It will be a real shame to have another great local foodie institution get sucked into the void of major brand blahs.

  13. Ahh, progress, errr umm, change for the better? OH, wait WTF, yeah that feels better.
    While I am neither a Peet’s, nor Starbucks fan I would rather have them both competing in markets where there are few, or no “local/small/smallish” places, like say much of Kansas, or similar places like California’s Central Valley. Neither of these coffee purveyors coffee is even pretty good, but it is better than most “brewed” at the Quickie Mart, or McD’s (I have not been desperate enough to try their “espresso” drinks). As Heather said, sometime we just a fix 😀
    Now this will not be a good thing for Santa Rosa in the short run economically since I would bet nearly all the Peet’s shops here would be closed since the Starbucks are not far away (unless the numbers are really good at a specific shop).
    However, this could also be a boon for local entrepreneurs who see this shrinking of Big little Box coffee shops as an opportune time to open a really good locally owned and supplied shop!
    Anyone want to open coffee cafe with me 😉

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