Julia’s 100th Birthday

In honor of her 100th birthday, PBS offers this remix video of the great Julia Childs

Happy 100th Birthday Week, Julia Childs. She inspired generations to get out their whisks and dive into cooking. And continues to do so…

Since every food writer is paying homage to what she taught them this week, I figured I’d joing the fray. For me, Julia was so much more than a television chef. She was an iconic woman who used her wit, intelligence and humor to entertain, rather than relying on surface beauty to get her point across. Something that often seems missing on television. Julia never shied away from speaking plainly, making a faux pas or expressing herself as well, herself. Instead, she embraced all that life had to offer without reservation or fear of being different.

What a lady.

So enjoy Julia Remixed: Give it a sec…it gets even more spectacular as you go.

What’s your Julia memory?



PS: This is pretty great, too. Happy little trees.