Girl Scout Cookies: There’s an app for that

Where to find your Thin Mints (and Samoas, etc.) in Sonoma County

Think of it as GPS for your Thin Mints. With the click of a few buttons on your smart phone, you can now instantly track down the closest box of available Girl Scout cookies in your area, be it Samoa, Trefoil, Tagalong or Lemon Chalet.  It’s as easy as Click. Search. Eat.

Beginning February 24, the free Cookie Locator app for iPhone and Android will alert you to waiting gaggles of girls just waiting to sell you a box (or ten) of cookies from various booths, stands and gatherings of local scouts. Just type in your zip code, or let your phone geo-locate the nearest cookie commissary. Don’t have apps? Those clever Northern California Girl Scouts are also using Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about their tasty treats.

But don’t worry, technophobes. The scouts will also be pulling their cookie-loaded wagons through local neighborhoods on February 19 and 20 and selling to friends and family in the coming days.

What’s In The Box: This year, there are no new cookies in the NorCal lineup. On the menu are Thin Mints, Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs, Dulce de Leche, Do-Di-Dos, Lemon Chalet Cremes and the newish Thank U Berry Munch.

In case you’re wondering where that $4 per box you’re spending goes, you can rest assured that the calories you just ingested go toward camps, service projects, uniforms, membership fees and a variety of other good social deeds. Not pink ponies, candy and silly bands, as my own little Brownie had hoped.

Want to connect? Check out or go to or Facebook GSNorCal.  To get the app (which won’t work properly until the 24th), call **GSCOOKIES.