Crepevine Opens

Santa Rosa outpost of popular creperie opens in Montgomery Village

Bay Area breakfastery, Crepevine, has opened in Montgomery Village. The Northern California chain has locations in San Francisco and the South Bay (as well as San Rafael), and is a popular brunch and lunch spot for the Bloody Mary and stroller-set. The menu features hearty breakfast fare (scrambled eggs, omelettes, pancakes, etc.) plus sweet and savory crepes, salads and pasta on their all-day menu. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 740 Farmers Lane, Santa Rosa, 577.8822.


15 thoughts on “Crepevine Opens

  1. Jill,
    I appreciate your contacting my manager and I’m
    looking forward to seeing you.

    1. You’re welcome Emil!
      I returned to the Crepevine in Santa Rosa last week at your managers gracious invitation to “make it up to us”. We went back last week (anonymously of course) and had a really enjoyable meal!!! The Pesto Chicken crepe was wonderful, and as another reviewer also noted, the fresh carrot juice was “delish”. The service was good, and time to deliver the food appropriate. It appears the problems we encountered last month have been resolved.
      Thanks so much to the staff and management for caring enough about your customers satisfaction to follow up. I’m sure I will be returning to eat at the Crepevine many times in the future.

  2. Went to crepevine on Monday 7/5 for lunch around 1:00 pm. Waited about 10 minutes to order, than over an HOUR for the food to be delivered. No apologies, no offer to bring us bread or salad first; the staff just kept saying they were “slammed” and we’d have to wait. AN HOUR FOR A CREPE!!
    When our food was delivered, they were out of the home style potatoes that were supposed to come with the meal, and without even mentioning it or offering something else as a substitution, put (frozen) french fries on the plate instead. UGH!!! Very Disappointing!!! I DEFINITELY won’t go back there!

    1. Dear Jill,
      My name is Emil, I work at the Crepevine Santa Rosa. I am so sorry for your bad experience at the Crepevine.I understand your frustration. Crepevine is a family-owned business and we value the satisfaction and happiness of everyone we serve. We believe in treating our customers as if they are guests in our home. So on behalf of the Crepevine Family, I sincerely apologize for your experience at Crepevine Santa Rosa. I really hope you give us the opportunity to make it up to you. After reading your disappointment, I immediately informed my manager, and he would like to get in touch with you. his email address is
      We are looking forward to hear from you.
      Best Regards,
      On behalf of Crepevine family

  3. Does anyone know where to get really great hot sour soup now that Kings Buffet is being turned into an In and Out Burger??? I know this is a change of subject., but I need help!

    1. China Star on the corner of Stony Pt and College. Great Hot sour soup. And I love the crab stars.

    2. Great China on Farmers Lane in Farmers Lane Plaza has AMAZING hot and sour soup. It’s my all-time favorite! 🙂

  4. Went a couple of weeks ago – and were so surprised at the helpful well-trained young staff, the reasonable prices and the tasty well-prepared food. Esp loved our chicken club sandwich and the grilled cornbread with spicy jelly … makes us wonder why more local eateries can’t provide good food at affordable prices??

  5. Went to Viola’s and Crepevine this week with my granddaughter. Can’t tell you how bad Viola’s was. Bad, bad. Expensive, very small portions and not tasty. Crepevine on the other hand was amazing, as my granddaughter put it. Really delicious, huge portions, and reasonably priced. Can’t wait to go back. Too bad that the local eatery can’t do a good job, cause I like to patronize local businesses.

    1. I went with my husband to Viola and had a very delicious dessert of nectarine kind of cobbler and it was not expensive and the service was great. They make food from seasonal fruits and vegetables and it was one of the best desserts I ever had in a place here, reminded me of the pastries and desserts in Paris. We went to eat our main meal at Crepevine and we got some of our order wrong, although the person at the cashier marked all the changes we wanted. My husband was not happy with it and said he is not going there again.

      1. Viola’s probably has good desserts. We were disappointed with the sandwiches we ordered. French fries were okay, but the salad was lousy….no flavor at all. Hubby and I went to Crepevine for dinner the other night and it was abolutely fabulous (we didn’t change anything on our order). Hubby can usually be critical of some thing or other when we eat out, but this time he literally wanted to lick his plate. The service was spot on.

  6. Went Sunday the food was excellent, the services was excellent and the staff was excellent. Had a great time sitting outside! Cann’t wait to go back!!

  7. Yummy!!!! I had a delishious crepe, potatoes and salad…under $10.00!!!! The crepe itself was totally filling, couldn’t even finish my potatoes. Try the carrot juice drink too…Delish!!!

    1. The crepe I ordered, Salmon, was toasty and had no sauce as crepes, in my experience, usually do. It was very dry. The potatoes had rosemary in them
      and I am allergic to rosemary so I had to have fries which wasn’t very exciting.
      There was also a sizable salad on the plate which made the plate so full I could eat without food falling off the plate. Please, if you have had a good, saucy crepe let me know which one and I will try it. Thanks

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