Barf, dead fish and booger flavored candy makers introduce two new flavors!

Can you even handle eating a jelly bean that tastes like rotten fish?

Every year, Jelly Belly Candy Company comes out with new flavors for their horrifyingly awful BeanBoozled game.

Disgusting flavors like boogers, spoiled milk, barf and dead fish are paired with more delicious flavors that, from the outside, look identical. For instance, rotten egg has the exact same yellow and white shell as buttered popcorn; tutti-fruitti’s evil doppelganger is stinky socks.

The fun, for 14-year-old boys and adults with a masochistic streak, is daring someone to eat the beans not knowing if they’ll get a mouthful of delicious peach flavor or wretch-inducing barf flavor.

This year’s nasty additions: Stink bug/toasted marshmallow and dirty dishwater/birthday cake.

Previous flavors have included baby wipes, moldy cheese, skunk spray, lawn clippings, pencil shavings and Minion fart.


The new Bean Boozled game from Jelly Belly. Yum or yucko?
The new Bean Boozled game from Jelly Belly. Yum or yucko?

All we can think of is who the poor testers are who have to figure out of the canned dog food flavor is really dog-food flavored enough, or if, you know, it needs more liver and chicken necks to really live up to the name.

The beans will hit shelves this summer, so be prepared if your kids try to pawn off a yummy peach jelly bean on you.