Bao. Pineapple. Pineapple Bao at Santa Rosa Bakery

There's no pineapple, but these sweet buns are filled with something event better.

Macao Burgers at East Wind Cafe. Courtesy photo.

East Wind Cafe has expanded their menu again with even more yummy baonuts (on the weekend) and Macau Burgers for lunch.

This weekend, they’ll have Piña Colada Baonuts with Coconut Glaze and fresh pineapple, Ispahan Baonuts with rose water glaze and filled with raspberry and longan, and Curry Beef Baonuts. The rotating schedule of flavors for these fried bao buns also includes Cardamom Glazed w/Lemon Curd, Thai Peanut Sauce Glazed w/Banana and Peanut Butter, Kalamansi Glazed w /Passion Fruit custard, White Pepper Glazed w/Chocolate pastry cream, Coconut Glazed w/fresh pineapple, and White Chocolate Glazed w/Thai Iced Tea pastry cream along with Curry Beef Baonuts.

Needing an excuse to eat lunch out, we stopped by for a Macau burger, which is a bit more like a really good sloppy Joe than a burger. Available in Sriracha Honey Pork, Chop, Korean Beef and Tamarind chicken, they’re served on sweet “pineapple top” bao buns — which actually have no pineapple, but the sweet top layer looks like the outside of a pineapple.

With greens and pickled veggies, they’re a hearty handful. Especially with a couple tarts, almond gelatin with lychee, a mango buttercream bun and, well, the list is endless.

3851 Sebastopol Rd., #109, Santa Rosa, 707-709-6098, Open 8am to 4pm Wednesday through Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

And a little PPAP in case you haven’t already been pineapple penned.