Art’s Place – Rohnert Park

Every day's a fair at Pasta King Art Ibleto's new restaurant

Barbecue Chicken Pizza at Art's Place in Rohnert Park
Barbecue Chicken Pizza at Art’s Place in Rohnert Park

The King of Comfort Food at Art’s Place in Rohnert Park.

It’s fair-time all year long at Pasta King Art Ibleto’s new Rohnert Park restaurant.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza at Art's Place in Rohnert Park
Barbecue Chicken Pizza at Art’s Place in Rohnert Park
Classic Caesar Salad at Art's Place in Rohnert Park
Classic Caesar Salad at Art’s Place in Rohnert Park

His signature Sonoma County fair favorites — baked polenta with cheese and marinara ($9), half and half spaghetti (pesto and marinara, Art’s most popular fair food), Parmesan truffle fries ($6) and Caesar salads ($7) are all on the menu every day at Art’s Place. The restaurant is a joint venture with friends and family.

The opening menu also includes sandwiches, burgers and paninis along with a full page of wood-fired pizzas ($7 to $20).

Wine and beer on tap plus (we hear) a killer puff pastry apple torte a la mode ($7) we missed on our first visit. Second time’s a charm, right?

 Art’s Place, 563 Rohnert Park Expressway, Rohnert Park, (707) 588-2787).

Pappardelle Pasta with Creamy Pesto at Art's Place in Rohnert Park.
Pappardelle Pasta with Creamy Pesto at Art’s Place in Rohnert Park.


21 thoughts on “Art’s Place – Rohnert Park

  1. My wife and I had dinner tonight at Art’s Place.
    We had baked polenta, with marinara sauce a baked polenta with pesto sauce. Both dishes were very good.
    We both had a cup of minestrone soup. Was very good,
    A bit spicy, (hot), it still quite good.

  2. My husband and I really like this place-the customer service is great!! The fries with blue cheese are the best ever. I had angel hair pasta with scampi and loved it. The portions are very plentiful- we have added Arts Place to our very small list of FAVORITES yum yum yum!!!

  3. Ate here a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. We had a large group and some young’ins and were treated great by the staff. I ordered the veggie pizza which was good. The chef forgot the artichoke hearts but they were quickly brought out warmed and ready to eat. I heard good things about the pasta from other family member, but knew it had to be great because I remember all the Pasta King pasta from the Petaluma Wildlife Museum open houses. Wasn’t in love with the ranch dressing, something odd about it. But the staff was great and I will for sure be back!

  4. I have been to Art’s Place 5 times now and everything has been great!! i will continue to go there and the service has been excellent. I’ve known Art (who he is) since I was a little kid and I will be back there oftern. I’ve tried many menu items and more to taste, great food. Love the atmosphere….
    Thank you Art!!!

  5. So we tried Art’s Place last Friday, despite my son not wanting anything to do with the place because the woman was so rude to him when he went in and asked if he could apply for a job. She told him she needed people with three years of experience. Well if the people who are cooking there now have three years of experience, they should be moved to the back of the class. Wood fired pizzas only come in medium, which is very small, maybe 10 inches max. Crust is tasteless, pesto sauce was bland. Scant toppings and we’re not talking cheap pizza either. So pizza was a bust, three flavors, none of them even so much as good. Undercooked and gooey too. Spinach salad was $10 and was just that, Spinach with about half a red onion on top and a few sprinkles of feta and a few dried cranberries. Seasons was better, but their service was really bad. Art’s Place is not going to be visited by my family again.

    1. RPMom,

      We are always accepting applications! Our servers and cooks need at least 3 years experience true, however we have many bussers and dishwashers for whom this is their first job! I’m sorry if your son was treated unkindly. We don’t tolerate rudeness & if he remembers to whom he spoke, I will look into it. We have recently changed our pizza dough recipe and if you give it another try, I bet you will find it quite tasty! Our wood fired pizzas are smaller so we can fit more into our oven on a busy night. We do offer small, medium and large on our traditional pizzas, though! The pesto we have is straight from Art, so I will pass your feedback on to him. We are still working out the kinks, so hopefully you will give us another try sometime.

  6. No one had Pizza???? Their loss. No one tried the garlic fries???? too bad. I had both and they were wonderful!!!! I can’t wait to try everything on the menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did wait a little while for the food, but they comped the fries for the wait

  7. Me and the wife went for lunch today. The server was nice. There was about fifteen people eating I would say but the Chef refused to make us lunch. I don’t know what was going on but the server said sorry after waiting about an hour we decided to leave. The server still charged us for water salad and soup! I will never go back but im still curious why he didn’t want to make us lunch.

    1. Henley,
      I apologize for your experience with us! We would love for you to give us another opportunity to remedy the situation. Do you perchance remember who your server was? I would like to look into the situation. We are working out the kinks, being fairly new still but there is no excuse for subpar food or service. Please feel free to contact us. We would love for you to try us again!

      Pati 🙂

  8. We had an early dimmer at Art’s Place last night and the food was delicious. I think that Art’s Place will be. true Sonoma County success — and thank God for a non-chain reataurant with a good location in Rohnert Park! Art, please work on the booths — the seats are a bit far from the table. That said, we will be back soon — next time to sample the pizza!

  9. Heard there are long waiting times later on certain evenings so we went a little earlier. Yummo! Had salad, 1/2 and 1/2 (the pesto sauce is a little thicker then normal which made it stick to the pasta, just how I like it) and it was great. Food came out of the kitchen nice and hot. We enjoyed the garlic bread just as it was, crispy crust, chewy on top. Portions were good, took home some leftovers. Staff was attentive, we’ll be back.

  10. I tried Art’s Place a couple of nights ago. The garden type salad with ‘talian dressing I had before my lasagna with meat sauce was quite tasty. The lasagna with meat sauce was hearty, quite rich, and I enjoyed it. However, what was served as garlic bread was a noticeable notch below. All in all, it’s good for what it is and I could recommend it especially as a place for larger gathering of friends and associates.

    1. I had the exact same thing as MrSpock and agree with him 100%; especially the critique about the garlic bread. I think that’s The Pasta King’s signature way to make garlic bread, but it’s totally bland.

      I could make better garlic bread than that, and for anyone who knows me, that’s horrifying.

      Despite that, my family and I will be back there again and again. Can’t wait to try something else.

      1. Agreed,
        Thanks so much for your feedback. Yes, it is Art’s signature garlic bread. He makes it his way and we love that about him, but we are always open to new ideas, as well. See you next time!

    2. MrSpock,
      Thanks so much! The lasagna is hearty & rich, isn’t it? That’s the way Art makes it! The garlic bread is his signature way of doing it, but we are always open to suggestions! Some people have suggested pesto topped, or even bleu cheese. We appreciate your recommendation! Hope to see you soon!

    3. MrSpock, I absolutely agree with you. We ate at Art’s Place when they had their soft grand opening, the service wasn’t great but the food was good. We waited a bit before going back and so glad we did…the lasagna was delicious, our pizza was great but when they brought out the garlic bread all we got was toasted french bread with NOTHING on it. We brought it to the attention of our server, she went and asked the kitchen and told us they ran out of garlic bread???? How do you do that? I will say once it was ready they brought out hot fresh garlic bread. We will definitely be back.

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