8 Dragons Coming to Healdsburg

New Cantonese resaurant, 8 Dragons will soon open in Healdsburg

8 Dragons Coming to Healdsburg

Despite her husband’s pleadings, Gina Yee refused to move to Healdsburg for one reason: There wasn’t a decent Chinese restaurant. When the Silicon Valley couple, who have a second home in Wine Country, were giving thoughts to moving here permanently, Yee decide to do the only reasonable thing — open her own restaurant.

So after months (and months) of work, the the couple are planning to open 8 Dragons, a traditional Chinese-American restaurant later this spring.

Located in the Safeway shopping center near downtown Healdsburg, this isn’t positioned as haute, pinkies-up sort of place. Yee is aiming for a fresh, affordable, family-friendly and most importantly, take-out friendly Cantonese-style restaurant with the kind of food she loves. The menu will include familiar dishes like sweet and sour pork, chow mein and egg rolls, along with plenty of fresh seafood (a Cantonese staple). They hope to incorporate dim sum into the menu soon after opening.

Stay tuned for more details.


8 thoughts on “8 Dragons Coming to Healdsburg

  1. The food was good but bell peppers werent cooked, my man said his did taste fresh just rewarmed ?. The beer was awesome

  2. We love Chinese food and are really excited. Can’t wait for the grand opening (hope you have Dragon Dancers!!).

    Welcome Gina & family and the best of luck on your new business !!

  3. Buffet please. The one on Mendicino Ave. across from the PD building is a filthy dirty place any more.

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