10 Best Hikes Near Sonoma, According to AllTrails

With so many hiking options, how do you choose where to begin? Here are a few top picks from AllTrails reviewers.

Sonoma County is a hiker’s paradise. With its numerous public parks, there are seemingly infinite trails to explore in every part of the region. There are trails that ascend mountains and meander up hills and down valleys, trails that overlook oceans and wind their way alongside streams and rivers. And then there are paths that pass by vineyards, weave around oak groves and under the shade of giant redwoods. With so many options, how do you choose where to begin?

We asked our friends at AllTrails, an outdoor recreational activities app with crowdsourced reviews, to share the top-rated trails in different parts of Sonoma County. First up, the 10 best hikes near the town of Sonoma. Click through the above gallery for details.