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Sonoma Magazine is an award-winning, bi-monthly publication that celebrates the Sonoma landscape and lifestyle.

Through in-depth stories and vivid photography, Sonoma Magazine keeps readers on the pulse of the restaurants, wineries, arts, entertainment, culture and style that make Sonoma a destination, a haven, and a way of life.

Sonoma Magazine is available in print at newsstands and by subscription. Our website, sonomamag.com, features articles from the magazine, plus online-only pieces on the latest in Sonoma and Napa Wine Country.


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Contributing Writers John Beck, Virginie Boone, Tina Caputo, Jeff Cox, Jessie Fetterling, Kathleen Hill,
Michele Anna Jordan, Carole Kelleher, Pat McConahay, Christina Molcillo, Bob Padecky, Courtney Paige, Julie Fadda Powers, Amy K. Schaus. Carey Sweet

Staff Photographers John Burgess, Christopher Chung, Conner Jay, Alvin Jornada, Kent Porter, Beth Schlanker

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