Werowocomoco at Virginia Dare Winery


The newest project from director Frances Ford Coppola, Werowocomoco (don’t even try to say it) is a casual cafe dedicated to native American cuisine. Located inside the former Geyser Peak Winery, Coppola’s new winery and restaurant are loosely based on the story of Virginia Dare, the first white child born in the Virginia colonies. Dare and the rest of the early colonists mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Myth suggests that the settlers assimilated into nearby native tribes, possibly taken to Werowocomo, an Algonquian settlement. The cafe’s signature fry bread tacos made with acorn flour. Toppings include shredded or ground bison, along wit pinto beans, grilled butternut squash salsa and chiles. Also on the menu, corn with Cojita, wild rice, pine ice cream, venison chili, bison ribs and Pomo style salmon sashimi. Prices range from $5 to $24.

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Chianti Road 22281
Cloverdale 95425 CA US
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Open Daily, 11am - 6pm