The Drawing Board


It’s not every day that you find vegan smoked carrot lox and cashew cream cheese on a menu next to roasted bone marrow. But at a culinary moment when diners want a combination of the familiar and exotic; decadent and healthy; conventional and sustainable, Petaluma’s Drawing Board feels like a road map to the future of dining.

Ironically, the future looks a whole lot like the past here, with a focus on ancient grains, fermented and foraged foods, Middle Eastern spices and cuts of meat that utilize the whole animal including lamb belly, duck, chicken livers and the aforementioned marrow bones.

Favorites from our winter 2016 visit included smoked carrot lox, charred sweet potato, grilled chicken kofta, shepherd’s pie, duck cassoulet, the BBQ veggie burger, sheep yogurt panna cotta, and array of creative cocktails that use everything from spirulina to porchini mushrooms.

–Food Critic,  Heather Irwin BiteClubEats


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The kitchen is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5 -10 p.m. The bar is open till midnight.